2013 Bribery and Corruption - The new normal is upon us!

2013 Anti-Bribery & Corruption Report Reveals Gap Between Executive Knowledge and Action.

Are you surprised by this revelation? I know I am not...

For a long time now the veritable avalanche of routine cases of government enabled corporate corruption and larceny cases coming to light daily--have now achieved a status of... "Oh well."

So great is the apathy of legislators and compliance agencies towards corporate corruption and larceny, not one single prosecution has been made against an individual perpetrator... even though illegal activities are measured in the Trillions and effects on global socioeconomic conditions has been devastating.

Compliance agencies claim the sidelined cases have reached a "cold-case" status and pursuit is not recommended.

What does this signify... really!

We are not talking of delinquent parking offences here, we are speaking of theft and larceny so extensive the world economy fell off a cliff.

So rampant is global corruption and bribery, it can be stated safely the system does not have corruption within it... The system IS corruption. The corrupt system could be said to be plagued by small instances of honesty and integrity... being dealt with as we speak.
NEW YORK — A new survey released by Kroll and Compliance Week reveals that 47 percent of global corporations take no steps to train their third parties and business partners on anti-bribery and corruption efforts, despite expectations by 50 percent of respondents that their companies’ bribery and corruption risks will increase in the next 12-18 months.

The writer goes on to say he is "surprised at the gap", how cute is that?

Other notable findings from the report include:

  • Of the 53 percent of respondents who do train their third parties on anti-corruption, only 30 percent of that group believe their efforts are effective;
  • 20 percent of corporations based outside North America do not even conduct anti-corruption training with their own employees;
  • 18 percent of respondents say they either have an anti-corruption policy but don’t require employees to read it, or don’t have an anti-corruption policy at all.
Now it could be just me and my cynical view of elitist, power monger leadership, but would you not think that given the horrendous state of the global economy and the obvious daily rape and pillage associated that senior officials would be diligently protecting the citizen at large from the hurt inflicted by rogue corporate interests... 

Or... are we witnessing the final and furious scraping of the barrel before the lights are finally extinguished on the worlds greatest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated.

I am of a mind the second observation is probably accurate, we are witnessing the grand finale of a perverse version of musical chairs. When the music stops and there is only one chair left, competition for that chair is fast and furious and all constraint is abandoned.

Hence universal disinterest in arresting the collapse.

For those of us interested in sidestepping the inevitable socio economic chaos and resulting hardships, it is probably prudent to reevaluate personal situation and contingency planning against social and economic final collapse... it does seem more inevitable and closer than ever.

Stay tuned...

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