UN... since measurements began in 1850!

"Unprecedented climate extremes marked last decade, says UN"

UN... OK lets go through this one more time.

If you are desperate to prove your point it is not unreasonable to use extremely selective or even contrived data. It is not a new strategy... it is commonplace in fact. Most points can be proven with selective data or contrived data, no mystery there.

We are onto you OK. Stop with the charade! Collapse already!

Your attempt to greenwash the truth is pathetic!

If nothing else... most if not all things originated out of the UN are an affront to intelligence, sometimes your rationale is somewhat humorous such as making crooked cucumbers illegal to sell, or declaring water does not aid in dehydration--but your eugenics/social re engineering/wealth concentration plan known as Agenda 21 is not remotely funny, it is simply horrific. 

The UN insanity must be stopped... it is the originating source of most if not all our debilitating socioeconomic symptoms! Regardless who or what may be behind it all. It is the instrument of NWO subjugation! Those that would aid and abet this travesty are no less than sell-out sycophants or perhaps even worse... Take note of your politicos who further this crime against humanity... resist them!

Your contrived data... such as your magical world population counting clock and your upside down CO2 charts are infantile and quite frankly less than amateurish. Recruiting the famous and qualified to shill for you eventually backfires.
Humans: the real threat to life on Earth
If population levels continue to rise at the current rate, our grandchildren will see the Earth plunged into an unprecedented environmental crisis (based on what? Oh yes! The magic population clock, silly me.)
You may have mainstream screaming out your uncontested press releases, but we have the growing audience and the quizzing minds. We also have connectivity and sharing... it is interactive and powerful, be mindful of that. Greater than you have been toppled by tweets.

Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse (Recommended reading.)

Cyclic climate change should not be confused with another topic, Ecological Spoiling and Ruination. This is another UN tactic designed to shelter corporate recklessness while garnering support from the shallow minded, ill-informed, doe eyed greenie set. It is a total misrepresentation and redirection.

If the point being proved happens to be irrelevant in the scheme of things then fine, go ahead and average and crunch your dedicated little black heart out and feel entirely smug when your hypothesis remains unchallenged.

It is when your business case and your attempts to execute them has a drastic negative impact on humanity... then you need to do better or you will be fingered!

Declaring fictitious emergencies such as CO2 and World overpopulation to justify your peculiar brand of democide and genocide, or to amass wealth for yourselves and your cronies is so far below despicable... I don't even have a word for it.

Climate change is a 'big business opportunity for the UK and elsewhere... (no more clues please...)

You have committed yourselves to eventually receiving wrath the likes of which are going to astound you. 

It may not seem so this minute, but as each day goes by your foundation of corruption, lies and deceit are crumbling like dollar store luggage on a wild buggy ride. Your days are numbered, your jig is up!

I am but one voice, but there are many.

As your concoctions proliferate so do we... but it is the absurdity of your campaigns which will consume you and your paid abettors and shills at the end of day.

Our duty is but to point out your evil intent and lay bare your lies. Yes, I am a pacifist type and no I will never raise a finger, but I will keep alarming til the cows come home, that you can chart.

This is a recent UN/NWO announcement, It is typically deceitful--please review it with a critical eye.

First comes the OMG statement...

"Unprecedented climate extremes marked last decade, says UN"
(Unprecedented means never before experienced in the annals of planet history)...

Next comes the selective data...

"UN World Meteorological Organization analysis of rainfall and temperatures between 2001 and 2010 says decade was warmest since measurements began in 1850"
(The selective part is self evident)

Using UN logic - climate was a steady state condition prior to our ability to measure it a few years back. Presumably before 1850 the climate is seen by them as either static or cooperative for their purpose or is simply irrelevant. 

Note... on the real world charts of climate undulations, we are currently on the cusp of leaving an ice age, the projection indicates a predictable warming is in order.  We appear to be in order.

UN... excuse me... we do get planetary climate shifting, climates shift on ALL planets, that's what they do--always have and always will.

It is why we have traditionally demarked climate periods and called them "ages." Nowhere is there a decree cancelling natural shifts, unless of course your UN stooge King Canute is at it again. You may have it filed under crooked cucumbers...

Strangely, when convenient you do apparently have data prior to 1850.
Global-average atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide rose to 389 parts per million in 2010, 39% higher than at the start of the industrial era in 1750. Methane rose to 1,808.0 parts per billion (158%) and nitrous oxide to 323.2 ppb (20%).
The rest of the article can be read at the link if you wish to play into the thinly disguised innuendo's, implied reasons for change and the pending justification for penalizing us because we breath.

Eventually these type of reports are used as the justification for all sorts of insanity based agenda's. The solution we will use is free and its called adaptation, its been the tradition for centuries.

What we have here is simple basic media conditioning propaganda...

It gets old real fast...

Stay tuned....

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